Alefe Souza

Here are some of my personal projects, you can access my page in the application stores:

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I also participated in several worldwide projects for big companies in agencies where I worked.

Multiplatform app for developers meetup.

I love to attend developer meetups here in São Paulo capital, you probably can meet me in one of these.

The one which I most visit is the GDG-SP, the Google Developers Group of São Paulo, so I wanted to build an app to make networking easier between the participants, send new meetup notifications, make raffles, etc. Then I developed the GDG-SP app.

I have decided to use a lot of my knowledge to build the GDG-SP app, this is why there are Android in native Java, Windows Universal Platform in native C# and Xamarin.Forms versions for iOS, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1. There are other Xamarin.Forms projects versions in UWP and Android, just in case someone may want to use it in lectures. It’s back-end I have made in object oriented PHP 7 with MySQL.

I also build a .NET 4.5 desktop program which generates a database of all people who confirmed their presence in an event, based on the Meetup events API. The apps generate a QR Code over the user’s login Meetup ID, then the program reads this QR throughout the webcam and identifies the member, generating a report containing the time every person arrived and people who missed.

Since I like to help new developers, all of this project is open source and available on my GitHub, whoever wants to study the code or even make versions of it to other meetups is able to.

App being launched at the IBM building, Rua Tutóia, São Paulo.

Applications for blogs.

The BlogApps are general applications I have made from a common template I developed. From the website I make the application changing name and icon, but they usually become just equal to one another.

There are BlogApps versions I call lite, which is an icon that opens the whole site with links on the side of it, but it’s usually are very criticised for being so simple. The Full version is integrated to the OS which is made for, including it’s interface, Dropando Ideias for Android and for Windows 10 are full versions examples, these two versions also has new posts push notifications.

If it is in the customer’s interest, I also build a Google Chrome Extension using the same app interface including push notifications of new posts. I have been doing these extensions since a time which it wasn’t common for a site to have push notifications hahaha. These BlogApp versions are a freelancer thing, so if you want one of these to your blog or website just get in touch with me through the lateral menu over there 🙂

Application developed for my public High School.

RebuApp was an application that I developed in the middle 2014, I was 17 years old by that time. This app only was possible because the DroiDéx project, which gave me enough Android development experience to make it, together with my previous front-end, and the PHP and MySQL course that I was studying in that time.

The application idea was to have the time and agenda of all classrooms, for this the classroom spokesman would have a login and password, and the school coordinator (and I as application administrator) would have a special login in which could add new spokesmen, so whenever he had something new in the room of the agenda, the spokesman would add the event in the application and thus appeared in the application of other students who chose that classroom.

Since I had no back-end knowledge in the beginning of it’s developing, I used alternative stuff: Tumblr was the host for my pages, because HTML pages was possible in it, and JotForm, in an another Tumblr protected with a password in it, laos the spokesmen would get in touch with me through this so the I would add new stuff to the agendas. But in the later month I learned PHP and hat it all automated.

Taking advantage of an Word document containing all the library books, I also put in the database all of the school’s library books, making possible book searching from the app.

I spent all my 2014 December vacations trying to make native apps (until then, I only made WebView apps, you can see it’s source code on my GitHub), when I got it, launched the current Play Store RebuaApp version, with a lot of new features, the school that I made the app was an integral high school, the app until that day was messages from clubs (a class with groups of students with same interests) and electives (the same thing as a club but with a teacher mentoring), the spokesman could even send push notifications to the students when using their login. There were images from the school posters, the school canteen’s menu also was available in the app, official announcements, links of the school’s blog and newspaper also were available. The app has too an integrated dictionary and a notepad. I also build a web version of the app using Polymer (when it still was beta) to use the Material Design of the Android version and for the users of another system could access it. Last, but not least, everything of the app is into a Google Chrome Extension, including push notifications.

The idea was great (I was impressed remembering the features of it writing here hahaha), even more because was a public school, to spread I glued posts around the school, at strategic points, like next to the snack line:

Poster of RebuApp version 2
Poster of RebuApp version 2
Master of advertising posters design hahaha
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It seemed an awesome idea, which had everything to succeed, and it really did for some time. But it depended on people who would update it by their own will to work, I even added a function allowing others than the spokesmen to feed the app, but in vain. It has been totally forgotten by the students. The app remains on the Play Store just to show it to people.

Pokédex app for Android

DroiDéx was my first Android application, I have decided to develop it when i was 17 years old just when I realized that the DéxDroid developer have had given up of it’s development. So just as I found out it was open source I started out to continue it’s development.

By the time I decided to build the app, I knew nothing about Java or Android development, but since the syntax seemed like JavaScript, which have been using for 4 years, I moved on deep to a huge amount of coding making no sense to me. That’s when I remembered an old Android app I have started to build, but never had it finished, and IDE app for Android have been launched, the AIDE (which I still use). So I opened the whole project on AIDE and everything was nicely compiled, then I studied and modified the whole code, I have also made some obvious deductions, like when I realized that AndroidManifest.xml was where I had to put app infos such as name and version, the onCreate method contains which code to execute when a new Activity starts, the Activity was a screen and so goes on.

When I tried to figure out how to add new Pokémon I found out this thing called “data base”. I quickly realized that database is the info storage of the app, then I started modifying, adding new stuff such as recently announced Pokémon, unannounced Pokémon, new generation Pokémon and so goes on. This new knowledge has allowed me to launch the very first version of the app a few days later. Just as I went on studying and understanding the app coding new features were added, such as: changing the app color according to the Pokémon’s major color, open the Pokémon’s page at Bulbapedia and at other sites too, changing the whole app color scheme, sounds of the Pokémon (anime sounds and game sounds), 3DS gifs and many more which I’m wanted other apps to have. But my favorite feature of all the ones I have put is being able to add any Pokémon’s widget to the launcher screen.

But, unfortunately, just as happened to the developer before me and to all Pokédex for Android unofficial apps, then all have been suspended from the Google Play Store by DMCA violation. Since this happened, I did not update it anymore but you can download by clicking here.

I took this opportunity to see how many downloads has the last DroiDéx version actually, it is because isn’t in the Play Store and I’m not doing any divulgation, think if I do that hahaha, in the Play Store it has a little more than 1000 downloads and 150 five starts in one week.

Captura de Tela (303)

This could be a really great app, since until today people send messages to me asking when I’ll launch a new version and that’s the best Pokédex app.

Google Chrome extension for an humoristic wiki

This was my first really serious project, it’s a Google Chrome extension that I started to build when I do 14 years old with just a little knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with a lot of objectives in my mind I started to spend a lot of hours in the lan house, because I didn’t have computer at this time… searching about everything that I wanted to add in it, I didn’t understand anything about programming logic, I just saw the source code of a finished Chrome extension and I tryed to learn it in some way, in some moment I learned how that code works.

This was my first serious project, I have started to build this Google Chrome extension in my earlier 14 years old, without much knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Within many aims in mind I spent hours at the “lan house” (a place where you pay to use a PC and internet) researching about everything I wanted to put in this extension, I knew nothing about coding, I looked at another’s extension code and tried to put that in my head until I completely understood every line. You can check out my first beta at GitHub (I understood what’s GitHub and learn how to use it when the DescicloApp was in version 3, I was 15 years old, because it the site’s date isn’t correct).

Since I had no PC, no international credit card and not even any credit card to open an Chrome Web Store account, I had to use alternative methods to make people know about my extension. I needed a service whose kept the .crx extension in the end of the URL, so Chrome would understand as extension content. That’s when I found out the (today discontinued) Google Code, I also had made XML files to have automatic updates outside the Web Store.


Nowadays I think that methods don’t work anymore because the Google Chrome reforces a lot the security, preventing installation of extensions outside the Web Store, but when I was 17 years old I knew about the pre-paid credit cards, from there I finally opened my Chrome Web Store developer account (and the Google Play developer account, because I was starting to build Android apps at this time) and you can find it there.

Between that time I also wanted to build extensions for other browsers, so I build the DescicloApp for Opera (including at time that it wasn’t a disguised Google Chrome) and Firefox (they didn’t want to accept new version so I stopped the development of new Firefox versions).

DescicloApp was developed during more or less 3 years (I stopped to access the website, is a portuguese version of Uncyclopedia), you can see all the it’s features and images clicking here, for someone who started web development from 0 and don’t have any course at these time, it looks great.

My first projects was very simple things, like Google Chrome themes and one click extensions, and Google Toolbar buttons when I was 13 years old.

As I learn practically everything seeing other people’s code (StackOverflow <3), I love to publish projects on GitHub thinking that someone will see that code and learn something, some other projects that I build are:

Quiz Programming – I earn a presential course from Microsoft about UWP (Windows 10) apps development, where I learn C#, to pass to the second level of the course was necessary build an UWP Quiz application and publish it in the Windows Store.

Al Browser – UWP Browser that I build to earn points in a Microsoft’s challenge site, it also was in Windows Store.

AppTest – Application with a simple objective, help new programmers to build Android apps, seeing the it’s code you can understand all the structure of an Android application project, and it’s super commented (in portuguese, in that time I do trust in my english hahaha) to be easy to understand how to add a click event to a button and create new application screens.

Alefe Ultimate Programmer – I love Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm game series, why not have a game like this but with programmers? hahaha, I started it recently, in may 2016, without any knowledge about game development, I am like to going back to my roots just copying code and trying to understand how it works like I did in the beginning of DescicloApp. If you like Naruto and programming, if you think a time you can see that exists a rivality story that is the same as the technology companies, in this game for example, Madara and Hashirama are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and the chakra mother, Kaguya, will be the programming mother, Ada Lovelace.