Alefe Souza


Hi, my name is Álefe Souza (I never use the acute accent), I was born at Ipiaú, a little city in the brazillian state Bahia, but I moved out to the capital of São Paulo when I was 3 years old. I have had several professional objectives in my childhood, I wanted to be a math teacher (I always had a way with numbers), astronomer (is there something more interesting than the universe?) and also a I wanted to be a MTV Brazil VJ (in the end of my preadolescence, I loved this channel), but then, when I had 13 years old I discovered programming, I’ve decided what I really wanted to work with, I thought that coding was amazing. Which doesn’t make any sense when you see for the first time, but it’s something people use everyday.

I played in a computer for the first time when I had 10 years old, in a trip to my hometown, but when I came back to São Paulo I noticed that a lan house opened near my house, since then, I spent a lot of money there (I think it was close to thousands until I won my first computer when I was 16 years old).

I started programming when I has 13 years old, when I thought “Wow, the Google Chrome extensions are a lot simpler than the Mozilla Firefox extensions, I think I can make it too”, and I made it so. I was going to the lan house just to study web development, I just searched things I wanted to put in my projects and learned web development doing this, and started to release my own Chrome extensions.

At 17 years old, already with my own computer, I started trying to develop Android applications, after I noticed that an app I liked a lot was discontinued, I decided which I will continue it development, then I downloaded the source code in GitHub and without any knowledge about Android or Java development, I started studying all the source code until I understood how an Android application works, I passed all my 2014 mid-year vacation working on this, and in the end of July, I was launching my own Android apps.

When I was 18 years old, I earned a presencial Microsoft course about UWP (Windows 10) apps development, I earned it from a test about Microsoft products. I always read about several softwares in Wikipedia and read about programming logic too. In this course I learned XAML and C#, those quickly became my favorite programming language and, with that acquired knowledgement, I started developing classic Windows desktop apps with .NET Framework (WPF) and multiplatform mobile apps (including native iOS apps) with Xamarin. In the end of 2015 I got a Java certification from Oracle, in january of next year I earned two C# certifications from Microsoft, and in june 2016 I also got a Web Specialist certification from Microsoft.