Alefe Souza


Google Chrome extension for an humoristic wiki

This was my first really serious project, it’s a Google Chrome extension that I started to build when I do 14 years old with just a little knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, with a lot of objectives in my mind I started to spend a lot of hours in the lan house, because I didn’t have computer at this time… searching about everything that I wanted to add in it, I didn’t understand anything about programming logic, I just saw the source code of a finished Chrome extension and I tryed to learn it in some way, in some moment I learned how that code works.

This was my first serious project, I have started to build this Google Chrome extension in my earlier 14 years old, without much knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Within many aims in mind I spent hours at the “lan house” (a place where you pay to use a PC and internet) researching about everything I wanted to put in this extension, I knew nothing about coding, I looked at another’s extension code and tried to put that in my head until I completely understood every line. You can check out my first beta at GitHub (I understood what’s GitHub and learn how to use it when the DescicloApp was in version 3, I was 15 years old, because it the site’s date isn’t correct).

Since I had no PC, no international credit card and not even any credit card to open an Chrome Web Store account, I had to use alternative methods to make people know about my extension. I needed a service whose kept the .crx extension in the end of the URL, so Chrome would understand as extension content. That’s when I found out the (today discontinued) Google Code, I also had made XML files to have automatic updates outside the Web Store.


Nowadays I think that methods don’t work anymore because the Google Chrome reforces a lot the security, preventing installation of extensions outside the Web Store, but when I was 17 years old I knew about the pre-paid credit cards, from there I finally opened my Chrome Web Store developer account (and the Google Play developer account, because I was starting to build Android apps at this time) and you can find it there.

Between that time I also wanted to build extensions for other browsers, so I build the DescicloApp for Opera (including at time that it wasn’t a disguised Google Chrome) and Firefox (they didn’t want to accept new version so I stopped the development of new Firefox versions).

DescicloApp was developed during more or less 3 years (I stopped to access the website, is a portuguese version of Uncyclopedia), you can see all the it’s features and images clicking here, for someone who started web development from 0 and don’t have any course at these time, it looks great.